Charity Knitting and Craft Shows

So a little bit more about me. When I knit, I usually knit for the fall. Here where I live there is a craft show its held by my Sister and Brother in law at their Bed and Breakfast here in Red Lion.

Grandmas Holiday Crafts usually takes place mid November to the beginning of December.  I participated the past 3 years I have lived here, I usually make some hats,scarves, and flower pins to sell. After the craft show I donate what is left to charity.

This year since I listen to a lot of podcast(s). My best friend got me addicted to them. There is a Charity called Halos of Hope. They have called out to the podcast community to collect hats for in need  chemo patients. The Knotty Girls Knitcast and the Knitmore Girls have a competition going on on who can donate the most hats between one another. If you make a hat the month of September for the Knotty Girls Knitcast and post it in their Ravelry  group they will send you a free pattern. A lot of them are knitted. Since I am a novice knitter but advanced loom knitter I am going to take up in the challenge. I hope you join me in this good cause.

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