Today is Work in Progress Wednesday .. Whats on your craft list?

I will share with you what I am currently working on ..

Last month I took on a task to make 4 blankets by Christmas for an order. I believe this is totally doable especially since I am looming them. I am currently almost halfway through the first blanket and can’t wait to get this one done because I have gotten a new afghan loom I want to try but I am pacing myself doing them right now currently I am getting 10″ per skein here is a picture ..




Secondly, I am working on a skinny scarf called the triple flip. It almost looks ribbed and would be nice as a cowl I have put this away for awhile but recently picked it up again to change up my progress on the blanket



Lastly, my third project is a set of finger less gloves and leggings that I have made in the past for my etsy store which will be for sale in the next few days.



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