Knit a Sock Tutorial with Rainah Part 3


A heel turn is a series of short row heels worked our from the center of your work every time you are going to add one more stitch to your work until you have a turned heel.

You are going to slip one and purl one past center and have (17) stitches on your right needle.

(32/2=16 16+1=17)


Purl 2 together and then purl 1 turn your work (trust me it will work out)


Count your stitches on your right needle You are going to want to make sure you end up equally on your left needle the same as your right (12 stitches on your right)


Slip one stitch You are going to after that do an ssk (take your right needle and slip purlwise two stitches, insert your left needle into those two stitches on your right needle and slip them over) and knit one stitch.

Turn your work.


If you stretch your stitches out you will see a gap. (This is what you want!)


Purl to the gap

Purl 2 together

purl 1

turn your work


You will have 10 stitches on your right needle when you turn your work (I usually count 10 stitches on my left needle and you are going to include a ssk and a knit one so you have 13 stitches to count)


Knit to the gap


knit 1

turn your work




Continue this process until you reach 2 stitches on your left needle on the purl side you are going to purl 2 together and on the knit side you want to knit 2 together.


Congratulations you turned your heel!




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