My W.I.P. Land

This weekend was very busy so I have not done a lot of knitting. My mother visited and when she visits it feels like we are always in the car. Not that I am complaining but I always need a day off after she leaves. She left early this morning so after I got up I went into my WIP basket.


So here we go…






First off I am started this cowl 2 nights ago I found it on Ravelry its called the darn knit kinetic cowl its a free pattern and is only 25 rows. If your looking for a quick easy cowl heere you go …



I started this Dr Who dishcloth its a TARDIS .. I made my first set and it sold so I am making a second set for us.


This was my car knitting over the weekend this is going to be an infinity scarf where I am going to sew the ends together once I am finished with the 2 skeins.


This is usually my car knitting it is going to be a scarf with yarn overs.


Lastly this is a hat that I made in red for myself I really don’t like to make this but I wanted to make one smaller for my sister in law. I can only limit myself to a number of rows per day on this hat but it is almost done yay!

That’s all I have for now. Till later.

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