Work In Progress (W.I.P) Wednesday

This week has been very successful for my Etsy store  I’ve had 3 orders total of 4 orders when I opened it back in July I thought it might be a fun way to make some money. I love loom knitting and yarn so I said why not really the past few days I have been replicating stuff that I have sold in my store so I have even more. So this leads me into today’s post Work In Progress  Wednesday …

This is a fun and easy pattern for a shawl/scarf its called the Dewdrop Shawl there is a video for it too its by Kristen Mangus. I am only one row 44 now I think I am going to stop at 80 rows this time I just don’t think I have enough yarn for 100. The color way is Tapestry and its Red Heart Treasure. When I am finished I will hang it after blocking it to show how this lays.

IMG_1836[1] IMG_1837[1]



My next project has been sitting on the loom for almost a year. Its the Knitting Board Sock Loom. Been listening to a lot of knitting podcast(s). They talk about socks well I feel most of them do and I know that they needle knit. But you can do it on the sock loom too. I’m getting the hang of needle knitting but not at the point yet where I can use DPN’s to knit socks. Here is my sock in Lionbrand Sockease Green Apple.



Lastly since I started a scarf this week on 10.5 circ knitting needles I wanted to show my progress since I last posted. Here it is and it is coming along nicely. Not bad dfor a start.



Yes I did loom  knit my backdrop it is a 48″ blanket on the Martha Stewart Loom in the Spring. Here is a better picture for you.



That’s all I have for now. Don’t forget we are on Facebook and take a peek at our Etsy store too.


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